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Chameleon 2.6 rc1

Chameleon 2.6 rc1 Release is now available!

This version contains new widgets and enhanced JSAPI support for a lot of widgets.

Chameleon 2.4.1

Chameleon 2.4.1 Release is now available!

This version contains updates, bug fixes and new features added to Chameleon since the 2.2 release. The documentation has not been updated yet for this release, but the documentation from version 2.2 still applies in most cases.

Support and Announcements

If you have any questions or issues please go to the Chameleon Mailing List to get your answers.

Anyone downloading and using Chameleon is encouraged to subscribe to the chameleon-announce mailing list. This is a low-traffic list where announcements will be made about new releases, important patches and security alerts.

Source Code Packages

Older versions

You can still download older versions here: Older versions.


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