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Chameleon is a distributed, highly configurable, environment for developing Web Mapping applications. It is built on MapServer as the core mapping engine and works with all MapServer supported data formats through a regular MAP file. It also works well with OpenGIS Consortium standards for Web Mapping Services (WMS) and WMT Viewer Contexts through MapServer's support for these standards.

Chameleon incorporates the ability to quickly set up new applications from a common pool of widgets that can be placed in an HTML template file. These widgets provide a fixed piece of functionality, but the representation of the widget is usually highly configurable.

Chameleon is also extendable. Developers can create their own custom widgets and then use them in mapping applications.

Chameleon is OpenSource, this means that you can use it freely for your own applications, and that you also have access to the source code. Just like with any OpenSource project, we hope that users of Chameleon will contribute their improvements and report any problems or suggestions.

Chameleon technology was developed as the Configurable Web Mapping Client Component (CWC2) for Canada's GeoConnections Access Program. It is currently being used by the GeoConnections Discovery Portal and will be used by a number of CGDI based applications in the future.


Latest Version

Chameleon version 2.6 rc1 is now available. Download Now!

Chameleon stable version 2.4.1 is still available. Download Now!


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